This is a place to get and received support and share experiences with others.
Forum rules
We encourage you to use this space to seek and share the support, advice and resources of individuals who are also affected in some way by troubling emotions or situations within the scope of this forum. You are free to create your own related topics. New Leaf CMC uses a secure and encrypted connection, however for your additional privacy, users are advised NOT to use their real names on the forum. Please also be wary of sharing your personal information (ie: contact number, address etc) with other forum members. If you notice any inappropriate content posted by a user, please report it to us as soon as possible. You may send us a quick message on our quick message box ( or email us on to report any issues.

As a user of this forum, you are expected to adhere to the code of conduct:
● No obscene language
● No abusive language
● No vulgar remarks
● No racist remarks
● No threatening
● No attacks on others' sexual orientation
● No encouragement of self-harming or other negative behaviours

Anyone who does not adhere to the code of conduct will be suspended/banned. This is a positive space where people can share their personal stories, ask questions and share important relevant information.
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